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Nibblet in Sept of 2006
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UPDATE 8/17/06: Nibblet had the plate removed from her leg yesterday. Her break healed very well. We did not do surgery on her eyelids because her medication has loosened up some of the skin around her eyes and she can now close her left eye, and almost close her right eye. In two weeks Nibblet will have her stitches removed and then she will be ready to find a forever home.

UPDATE 5/4/06: Nibblet's leg is healed enough that she no longer has to wear her cast. Her medication is helping the scars on her face not look as red and irritated. In two months we will take the plate and screws out of her leg, and do surgery to partially close her eyes. Then she will begin the search for a loving home of her own.

UPDATE 3/30/06: This morning Nibblet met with Dr. Chavkin a veterinary opthalmologist from Veterinary Referral Center of Colorado. He said there is nothing we can do to allow her to close her eyes. The muscles around her eyes are damaged by the DM so she cannot close her lids. We did discuss partially closing her eyes with surgery so they are better protected but she can still see. We will decide in the next few days if it will be best for her to go ahead with that procedure.

UPDATE 3/23/06: On Tuesday morning when Nibblet's foster Mom woke up she noticed that Nibblet was not using her right front leg. She was taken in for x-rays and it was discovered that her leg is broken. We have no idea how this happened, but we are assuming that poor nutrition has caused her bones to be brittle and she fell and broke it some time during the night. Today she had surgery to put a plate in her leg to repair it while she was being spayed. When her foster Mom came to see her this morning Nibblet was so happy and ran right up to her. It is such a wonderful sight to see one who was mistreated so badly learn to love again.

The biopsy results came back confirming our worst fears; Nibblet has dermatomyositis (DM). DM is an auto immune disorder of the skin. There is no cure but we will be starting her on some medications to see if we can get it under control and make her comfortable. We know that there are relatives of Nibblet still producing puppies in the puppy mill and any one of them could be passing this disease to their offspring. This is just one more reason to never purchase a puppy without seeing the parents and making sure the breeder has done all the proper genetic testing on them.

NIBBLET is an example of the horrors of puppy mills. She came to us with four other dogs from a puppy mill in Kansas. Please keep her in mind if you ever consider buying a cute little puppy at a pet store. She is a lucky puppy mill dog, she got out alive. She is very typical of what is behind the scenes in the mills. If Nibblet had been able to produce puppies she would still be there suffering with no medical treatment. No living being should ever be made to suffer like this so someone can make a buck.

Nibblet is a very tiny Sheltie, less than 7 pounds at 2 years old. She has some sort of skin disorder that has caused severe scaring on her face, tail and front feet. We will do a biopsy to see what this is and if there is anything we can do to help her. Because so much of her face is scar tissue she cannot close her eyes all the way. Since she cannot blink she cannot keep her eyes moist. We are not sure what, if anything can be done to help that. The puppy mill owner said this started when they gave her a vaccination, but they never did anything about it. She was not surrendered because of the skin problem. She was surrendered because she did not produce puppies. Without knowing what this condition is and if it is hereditary they continued to try to breed her.

When people ask us why we give up so much to rescue dogs, why we get so upset about pet store puppies, or why we care when people don't do their homework before breeding their pets; this is why. Dare and Nibblet and all of the others who suffer at the hands of humans need us; someone must stand up for them and we feel it is our mission in life. How could we say no?

We need guardian angels to help Nibblet. If you can help us help them please send your tax deductable donation to:

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or you can donate via paypal on our "How you can help page".