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DARE would like to thank everyone who has donated to help him. He also sends his thanks out to:

Drs Griffin, Scolnick and Umlauf, and all of the staff, at Pets on Broadway Animal Hospital, for all of the TLC they have given him since he first arrived in rescue. They did the first two surgeries on his leg, changed his bandages every week for 3 months, and helped with his physical therapy everyday.

Thank you to Eddie's Wheels for designing, building and donating a cart for Dare.

Dare has been adopted. We will keep his page up so everyone who was following his story can keep updated on his progress.

UPDATE 2/25/2009: Dare never got a working leg to attach to his implant. This caused the bone around the implant to die so it had to be removed. Now Dare's Mom is working with Ortho Pets to get him a light weight support system so he can be more mobile. Despite all of his medical ups and downs he is still a very happy boy. He has passed his therapy dog test and is now woking with children, adults and amputees through Denver Pet Partners. This boy never stops amazing us.

UPDATE 12/28/07: The leg that Dare received a few weeks ago is a bit too short (this is a learning experience for everyone involved), that leg will be sent back on 1/2/07 and we should have a new one by 1/9/07. Despite this little set back Dare is making progress. Here is a note from Dare's new Mom: "Dare is doing really well with his "leg". I've done the stretching and massaging to get the increased range of motion and I'm leaving the leg on while I'm around watching (when I put him in his crate, I remove the leg). He's using it to hold himself upright when he's laying down or sitting up. He just can't use it to walk since it's too short. I really think this is going to work!"

UPDATE 12/14/07: Dare now has his leg. It is going to take him some time to get used to it and start using it. But he has it. FINALLY! Check out his photo gallery for pictures of his implant, the attachment, and finally the leg. UPDATE 7/27/07: Dare is doing very well with his recovery. He is a little unsteady on his feet because the stump with the implant is bandaged to his body and he is used to moving it to keep his balance. His leg will be bandaged until the 2nd week of August when he goes back to the doctor. We will update after that appointment.

UPDATE 7/25/07: FINALLY, Dare has his implant. He had his surgery yesterday and is recovering in the hospital now. This is the first step in the process to attach his new leg. As soon as he heals from this procedure and the bone and skin adhere to the implant then he can be fitted with a leg that will attach to the implant. It's been a long road for our little man, but he is almost there.

UPDATE 3/30/07: Dare's implate was manufactured improperly so his surgery has been postponed. We will update his page as soon as a new date is scheduled.

UPDATE 3/23/07: Dare is going to receive his implant on Thursday March 29. We will update this page after his surgery.

UPDATE 12/8/06: Dare is still doing well and still swimming three times a week. We were hoping he would be able to have his surgery before the end of the year but there was a delay in making his implant. We are now hoping to get it in January. We will update again as soon as we have more news.

UPDATE 8/17/06: Dare has been swimming 3 times a week and going to the vet for fittings for his prosthesis. Tomorrow Dare will have a CT scan as the first step toward getting his permanent prosthesis. We have raised enough money to pay for all of Dare's treatment at Pets on Broadway and his swim sessions up to now. Starting tomorrow we need to pay for his treatment and procedures as we go. They estimate that we are going to need an additional $4,000 to see Dare through the rest of this process. If you can find it in your heart to help us help Dare please do.

UPDATE 6/26/06: Dare has his front leg amputated last Wednesday. At the same time his doctor opened up his rear stump to remove some scar tissue that was restricting his movement. Dare is such a strong tough dog that he seems unaffected by this latest change. He still thinks he ought to be allowed to run around and get into puppy trouble. This is one amazing boy. In two weeks when the swelling goes down Dare will go in to be fitted for a temporary prosthesis. It will take about 6 weeks to get that. Once he is structurally mature we are hoping we can get him a permanent prosthesis.

UPDATE 6/21/06: The first week of June we removed the plate in his leg because the screws were coming out and bothering him. The surgeon felt it would be healed enough. Today while we were taking his stitches out he jerked his leg back and broke it. Since his leg broke so easily we feel that the bone must not be healthy enough to heal completely. Dare has an appointment with a specialist tomorrow to see about amputating that leg and putting in a prosthesis. This is going to be very expensive, but it is his only chance at having a normal life, so we will do it no matter what the cost. Please help us give Dare a new leg.

UPDATE 5/4/06: We took x-rays of Dare's leg yesterday and the surgeon is pleased with how it is healing. Based on the extent of his injuries, we assumed that his growth plate had been damaged on that leg, and that is the case. Since our cute little puppy has continued to grow all this time his left leg is now about an inch shorter than his right. We spoke to the surgeon yesterday and we decided that in 2-3 months we will go in and remove the plate in that leg, rebreak it, and start a procedure to try to lengthen his leg.

UPDATE 3/21/06: Dare had his leg surgically repaired today. When the doctors got in there they discovered that his elbow and wrist were dislocated and that his radius and ulna were twisted over each other and broken between the elbow and wrist. This likely occured when a bigger dog grabbed his leg and pulled and twisted at the same time. It was a very difficult surgery but the doctors are pleased with how it went. He had to have a plate inserted to straighten the bones and a bone graft from his hip to reinforce them. In about a month we should know about his long term prognosis.

DARE is an example of the horrors of puppy mills. He came to us with four other dogs from a puppy mill in Kansas. Please keep him in mind if you ever consider buying a cute little puppy at a pet store. He is very typical of what is behind the scenes in the mills. No living being should ever be made to suffer like this so someone can make a buck.

Dare was given up by the mill owner because they could not sell him missing his left rear leg and having his left front leg broken in two places. He was not born this way, his rear leg was removed (not by a veterinarian) and his front leg broken in some sort of traumatic accident, probably injuries infliced by another dog. Puppy mill owners won't pay to fix injuries that occur while the dogs are in their possession; that would cut into their profits. Until we get him fixed this poor little puppy has to walk on his left elbow. Since he is also missing the hind leg on that side he frequently falls over to the left. He doesn't let that stop him; he just gets back up and continues on his way. He is a very tiny boy, only about 3 pounds at 4 months old. We are hoping to be able to straighten his front leg so he can enjoy a more mobile life for many years with a loving family.