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WINN was an absolutely adorable, tiny 5 year old male Pomeranian. This sweet boy was dumped in a local shelter in early November 2005 by his previous owner when they were done using him as a stud. We think his stud career ended because his back legs were so unstable that he could no longer support himself to perform his stud duties. Since it is very likely that he passed his bad legs on to his offspring, Winn is a perfect example of the dangers of buying puppies without first meeting the parents and making sure the breeder is responsible and has done proper testing on their breeding stock.

Winn's left rear knee was badly and painfully dislocated and his right knee popped out of place constantly and he had a mouthful of bad teeth. Because of this he had zero balance and could not even shake himself without falling over. It was all he could do to hold himself up to go potty – and before his surgeries he could hardly even do that. These surgeries took several months to perform and then Winn needed time to heal from the 3 painful procedures. During this time Winn was fostered by an experienced rescue family who also had other Pomeranians.

Winn’s other big hurdle – through no fault of his own – was that his previous owner (and we use the term lightly) obviously did not care at all about little Winn and spent no time properly socializing him. For the first 5 years of his life he had very little human contact – except to be grabbed from his tiny cage and then tossed back in - and no affection. He was very fearful. In several months with his foster family he bonded with his foster Mom, but no one else. She eventually adopted him because she also fell in love with him – and he truly was not placeable in another home. He - like all other rescued dogs - deserved a guardian who saw past his troubled beginnings and gave him the time, love and trust he so desperately craved.

Winn loved to be held for hours at a time by his Mom and go for car rides with her. He spent the last year of his life in a warm and loving home. Sometimes all the love in the world is not enough for these sweet dogs that have such a rough start. Winn was one of those dogs. He never got over his terrifying beginning. Winn passed over the Rainbow Bridge on December 14, 2006 in his Mom’s arms. She loved him dearly, and it broke her heart to lose him. His mom misses him so much.

Winn’s legacy is that we are committed to fight these awful puppy mills and their terrible affect on all of the animals that they touch. Winn had a tremendous impact on us in the brief year we shared with him. He accomplished so much in his short little life – and it was not a life lived in vain. Winn was one of the lucky dogs – he found his person before he passed, and he was truly, truly loved.