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Nibblet and Friends

Nibblet is an example of the horrors of puppy mills. She came to us with four other dogs (Muffin, Biscuit, Eddie and Dare) from a puppy mill in Kansas. Please keep her in mind if you ever consider buying a cute little puppy at a pet store. She is a lucky puppy mill dog, she got out alive. She is very typical of what is behind the scenes in the mills. If Nibblet had been able to produce puppies she would still be there suffering with no medical treatment. No living being should ever be made to suffer like this so someone can make a buck.

Nibblet is a very tiny Sheltie, less than 7 pounds at 2 years old. She has dermatomyositis (DM). DM is a hereditary auto immune disorder of the skin. There is no cure for this disorder which has caused severe scaring on her face, tail and front feet. The puppy mill owner said this started when they gave her a vaccination, but they never did anything about it. She was not surrendered because of the skin problem. She was surrendered because she did not produce puppies. Without knowing what this condition is and if it is hereditary they continued to try to breed her.  We know that there are relatives of Nibblet still producing puppies in the puppy mill and any one of them could be passing this disease to their offspring. This is just one more reason to never purchase a puppy without seeing the parents and making sure the breeder has done all the proper genetic testing on them.